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Sherlock™ 2.0mm pitch system is used for applications that require space savings and secure locking features. The Sherlock system utilizes the proven 50212 terminals.

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76650-0156Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardSherlock™

Secure and Space Saving Vertical and Right Angle Header, and Receptacle

76650-0150Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-WireOff the Board and Free HangingCLIK-Mate™ 2.0 , MicroClasp™, PanelMate™, Pico-SPOX™, Sherlock™, Multiple Families

Micro Miniature Solution Kit

76650-0235Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardiGrid™, Mini-Lock™, Sherlock™, CLIK-Mate™ 1.25mm
Off Board Positive Lock Solution Kit