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Perma-Seal™ terminals and splices give you long-lasting, moisture-proof connections that withstand water, salt, condensation, corrosion and heat, all of which cause serious problems for conventional, unsealed splices. The inner wall of the heat-shrinkable Perma-Seal sleeve is lined with a special hot-melt adhesive that is inert at room temperature, permitting wires to be inserted easily into the splices and terminals. As the sleeve is heated, the adhesive melts and flows under pressure from the tubing.

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76650-0026Solderless TerminalsSealedPerma-Seal™

Perma-Seal™ All Weather Solderless Terminal Kit

76650-0033Solderless TerminalsSealedPerma-Seal™

Sealed Spade and Heat Shrink Tubing with Universal Crimp Tool