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PanelMate™ series is an ultra low profile connector system designed for tight packaging applications. CLIKMate™ connectors provide dual positive locks and a superior audible click to help ensure connectors are fully mated. Sherlock™ system utilizes the proven 50212 terminals, along with positive lock housing. MicroClasp™ system provides space savings and easy mating and unmating, and a unique inner positive lock that provides latch protection, secure retention and an audible click. PicoSPOX™ provides Anti fish hooking box design protects contact area.

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76650-0150Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-WireOff the Board and Free HangingCLIK-Mate™ 2.0 , MicroClasp™, PanelMate™, Pico-SPOX™, Sherlock™, Multiple Families

Micro Miniature Solution Kit

76650-0192Board-to-BoardBoard-to-BoardEBBI™ 50D, KK®-100, Plateau HS Mezz™, SEARAY*, SlimStack™, Multiple Families

Deluxe Board Stacking Solution Kit