Mini Mi II™ Kits

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Mini Mi II™ wire harness system is designed for high density harness applications.

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CategorySolutionConnector FamilyDescriptionMSRPCompare
76650-0136Wire-to-WireFree HangingMini Mi II™

IDT Panel Mount Adaptor and Receptacle

76650-0137Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMini Mi II™

IDT SMT Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0138Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMini Mi II™

IDT Through Hole Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0139Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMini Mi II™

IDT SMT Right Angle Header and Receptacle

76650-0140Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-WireOff the Board and Free HangingMini Mi II™

Mini Mi II™ Deluxe Connector Kit