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The Mini-Fit Jr.™ is appropriate for both power and signal applications as it can carry currents of up to 9.0A per circuit and has a 10m ohm contact resistance. The Mini-Fit Jr.™ Series is designed for high current/high density applications which require the design flexibility of wire- to-wire and wire-to-board configurations in the interconnection system

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Part Number
CategorySolutionConnector FamilyDescriptionMSRPCompare
76650-0015Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0016Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Right Angle Header and Receptacle

76650-0082Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 2 Circuit

76650-0083Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 4 Circuit

76650-0084Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 6 Circuit

76650-0085Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 8 Circuit

76650-0086Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 10 Circuit

76650-0087Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 12 Circuit

76650-0088Wire-to-BoardPowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical Header and Receptacle, 14 Circuit

76650-0014Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Panel Mount Plug and Receptacle

76650-0017Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Free Hanging Plug and Receptacle, 3-9 A 250V

76650-0074Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 2 Circuit

76650-0075Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 4 Circuit

76650-0076Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 6 Circuit

76650-0077Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 8 Circuit

76650-0078Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 10 Circuit

76650-0079Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 12 Circuit

76650-0080Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 14 Circuit

76650-0081Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Plug and Receptacle, 16 Circuit

76650-0013Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™

Vertical and Right Angle Header Plug and Receptacle

76650-0231Wire-to-WirePowerMicro-Fit 3.0™, Mini-Fit Jr.™, Mini-Fit Sr.™, Sabre™

Power Solution Kit

76650-3009Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMini-Fit Jr.™, Europe Kits

Right Angle and Vertical Headers, Receptacles Kit

76650-3011Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™, Europe Kits

Panel Mount Plugs and Free Hanging Receptacles Kit

76650-3012Wire-to-WirePowerMini-Fit Jr.™, Europe Kits, Mini-Fit® Plus HCS

Panel Mount Plugs and Free Hanging Receptacles, and Mini-Fit Plus HCS High-Current Terminals Kit

76650-5002Wire-to-WireFlex Off the Board, Maintenance, Repair and OperationC-Grid III™, KK®-156, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Mini-Fit Jr.™, MV-396™, Picoflex®, Quick Disconnect, Sabre™, Standard .093

Quick Disconnect, Plug and Receptacle