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The Milli-Grid™ family of high density connectors is based on a 2.00 by 2.00mm (.079 by .079") grid pattern. Compared to traditional 2.54mm (.100") pitch connectors, Milli-Grid™ connectors offer up to 40% savings in PCB real estate. IDT (Insulation Displacement Technology) makes for cable-to-board connections.

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76650-0175Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMilli-Grid™

Vertical and Right Angle Header, IDT Receptacle

76650-0187Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMilli-Grid™

Shrouded Gold Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0188Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMilli-Grid™

Vertical Header and IDT Receptacle

76650-0195Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMilli-Grid™

SMT Vertical Header, Through-Hole Vertical and Right Angle Header and Receptacle and IDT Receptacle

76650-0234Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardKK®-100, Milli-Grid™, Mini-Latch™, Mini-SPOX™
Off Board Through Hole Solution Kit