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Micro-Latch™ connectors provide a reliable connection interface for industry standard 2.00mm (.079) wire-to-board applications. The kit includes female crimp terminals, receptacle housings and semi-shrouded vertical headers. The connector applies a friction lock mechanism where the noses on the receptacle housings slide into the header wall openings. This ensures a durable mating and protection of the electrical circuits

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76650-0112Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMicro-Latch™

Friction Lock Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0113Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMicro-Latch™

Friction Lock Right Angle Header and Receptacle

76650-0114Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMicro-Latch™

Friction Lock Vertical and Right Angle Header and Receptacle

76650-0237Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardCLIK-Mate™ 2.0 , MicroBlade™, MicroClasp™, Micro-Latch™

Off Board by Pitch Solution Kit


76650-0230Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardMicro-Latch™, Mini-Latch™, Mini-Lock™

Off the Board Kit