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Have a flat panel display and other high pin-count application interconnect issues? The flat flexible cable and flexible printed circuitry (FFC/FPC) connectors are the solution.

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CategorySolutionConnector FamilyDescriptionOrientationMounting StylePitchCircuit SizeWireCurrent RatingVoltage RatingToolMSRPCompare
76650-0005Flex-to-BoardFlex Off the BoardFFC/FPC

Ultra Low Profile SMT ZIF Right Angle Receptacle and Premo-Flex Cable

Cables, Right Angle Bottom ReceptaclesSMT (Surface Mount Technology)0.50mm (.020")6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16Flexible Printed Circuit Cable0.5A30V, 50VNo$62.00
76650-5001Wire-to-BoardFlex Off the BoardHandyLink®, PicoBlade™, FPC, FFC/FPC, Easy-On™ BackFlip™ FPC, Easy-On™ Type FPC, Micro HDMI, microSD, Pico-Clasp™, Pico-EZmate™, USB On-The-Go (OTG)

Right Angle SMT Receptacle, Vertical SMT Header and Cable

Cables, Perpendicular Plug, Receptacles, Right Angle Receptacles, Vertical HeadersSMT (Surface Mount Technology), Through Hole0.30mm (.012"), 0.50mm (.020"), .64mm (.026"), 0.80mm (.031"), 1.00mm (.254"), 1.20mm (.047"), 1.25mm (.049")2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 19, 21, 23, 27, 51Flat Flex Cable, Flexible Printed Circuit Cable0.3A, 1A, 1.5A, 1.8A10V, 30V, 50V, 100V, 125VNo$74.00
76650-0004Flex-to-BoardFlex Off the BoardFPC

Ultra Low Profile SMT ZIF Right Angle Receptacle

Right Angle Bottom ReceptaclesSMT (Surface Mount Technology)0.30mm (.012")11, 15, 19, 21, 25FPC Wire/Cable Type only0.3A50VNo$35.75
76650-0120Flex-to-BoardFlex Off the BoardFFC/FPC

SMT Vertical Header, ZIF with Flip-Type Secure Actuator

Vertical HeadersSMT (Surface Mount Technology)0.50mm (.020")30, 40, 50, 60Flat Flex Cable0.4A50VNo$34.50
76650-5002Wire-to-WireFlex Off the Board, Maintenance, Repair and OperationC-Grid III™, KK®-156, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Mini-Fit Jr.™, MV-396™, Picoflex®, Quick Disconnect, Sabre™, Standard .093

Quick Disconnect, Plug and Receptacle

N/ANon-Mounted, PCB Through Hole1.27mm (.050"), 2.54mm (.100"), 3.00mm (.118"), 3.96mm (.156"), 4.20mm (.165"), 5.03mm (.198"), 7.50mm (.295")2, 3, 4, 6, 10N/A1.2A, 3A, 4.75 - 5A, 6A, 7A, 12-18A250V, 350V, 600VNo$32.50
76650-5003Wire/Device-to-BoardFlex Off the Board, High SpeedSlimStack™, Easy-On™ BackFlip™ FPC, Easy-On™ Type FPC, Micro HDMI, microSD, Camera Socket, SIM, Micro-Coaxial

Telecom-Mobile SMT Industry Solution Kit

N/AN/A.25mm (.010"), 0.30mm (.012"), .40mm (.016"), .65mm (.0256"), 1.10mm (.043"), 2.54mm (.100")6, 8, 19, 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 40, 45, 51N/A0.2A, 0.3A, 0.5A, 0.8A, 1A5V, 10V, 15V, 30V, 50V, 100VN/A$44.50