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Molexs Mobile Phone Camera Sockets Offer Versatility for Mounting Camera Modules. Molex offers a wide range of socket configurations that includes application extraction tooling to disengage the camera module from the socket.Visual transmission is via the camera module connected to the camera socket. The entire assembly is either soldered onto flex or PCB of the mobile phone. These sockets allow mobile phone makers to reduce their bills-of-material (BOM) due to the sockets compact design and simple assembly process. Another major benefit arising from the size of the sockets is the reduction in space.

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76650-5003Wire/Device-to-BoardFlex Off the Board, High SpeedSlimStack™, Easy-On™ BackFlip™ FPC, Easy-On™ Type FPC, Micro HDMI, microSD, Camera Socket, SIM, Micro-Coaxial

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