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C-Grid III™, is a 3rd generation 2.54mm (.100") pitch post and receptacle interconnection system offering complete design flexibility with modular components that provide the widest range of electronic packaging alternatives. C-Grid III is highly-versatile with unique design features and options: like 3 Surface Treatments (platings), Termination Flexibility (Solder Tail, Crimp and Insulation Displacement combined), Advantage by Design offers the same mating concept with all termination techniques allowing full interchangeability inside different housing styles), Interchangeability (fully compatible with the industry standard DIN41651 as well as the French norm HE-13/14), and Lower Applied Cost.

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CategorySolutionConnector FamilyDescriptionMSRPCompare
76650-0177Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardC-Grid III™

Single Row Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0178Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardC-Grid III™

Dual Row Vertical Header and Receptacle

76650-0179Wire-to-BoardOff the BoardC-Grid III™

Dual Row Right Angle Header and Receptacle

76650-5002Wire-to-WireFlex Off the Board, Maintenance, Repair and OperationC-Grid III™, KK®-156, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Mini-Fit Jr.™, MV-396™, Picoflex®, Quick Disconnect, Sabre™, Standard .093

Quick Disconnect, Plug and Receptacle