Solution offers innovative connector kits that provide solutions to virtually any interconnect challenge. With comprehensive solutions for anti-tangle, blind mate, environmentally sealed, high speed, power, space saving and more, is sure to have a connector kit to meet your design or aftermarket needs.

These kits are the answer to your blind mate interface challenges. They have self-aligning features which allows a small misalignment and they’re appropriate for both power and signal applications.


The solution for connecting PCBs for high speed computer networking, telecom and storage. If stack heights and circuit sizes are your challenge, these kits provide flexibility in design.

Have a flat panel display and other high pin-count application interconnect issues? The flat flexible cable and flexible printed circuitry (FFC/FPC) connectors are the solution.

For high density single or dual row harness applications, these are your free hanging solution.

For applications that require superior environmental sealing, Perma-Fit™ heat shrink tubing kits are ideal for protecting, identifying and insulating electrical components or wires.

For computer networking, telecom and storage or economical ways to achieve high speed performance.

For higher speed challenges, ranging from 1.5Gbps up through 10Gbps, for your server or storage applications, these kits are your High Speed I/O Solution.

These are the solutions to many handheld device, high bandwidth or audio and video data transfer design applications.

MRO kits with splices, quick disconnects, rings and spades, cable ties, heat shrink tubing, closed end wire nut and tap connectors serve for every type of wiring need.

These can help for high density harness solutions, compact PCB space saving designs and multi-branch harnessing configurations.

Do you need fully shrouded or anti-tangle? How about internal lock, high guide walls or other wire to board configurations? Our kits come with terminals, headers and housings of all types.

Need more power to your board or a high temperature challenge? ESE and Eurostyle™ Terminal Blocks make quick and easy installations in the field, conform to industry standards and are designed with wir...

Need connectors above 20 Amps or high density power applications? Any power design problem, we have the power kit solution.

Used in a variety of RF applications, BNC connectors are small, weatherproof miniature connectors and are applied in data networking, audio video, and test equipment applications.

Do you have an environmentally harsh interconnect problem? These rugged environmentally sealed connector kits can withstand water, salt, condensation, corrosion and heat.

Have a need to distribute vast amounts of data? Or need high density signal application solutions for computer, medical instruments or automotive controls? Our signal kits have a wide range of applications t...

Solar (3 Kits)

Developed to address key applications within the global solar industry, SolarSpec™ products are specifically designed to support efficient, reliable, and flexible solar interconnections. SolarSpec solu...