Connector Type

As your connector kit specialist, offers a variety of connector types for virtually any interconnect application. Connector types range from wire-to-board, wire-to-wire, board-to-board, solderless terminals, terminal blocks and more. is sure to have a connector kit to meet your design or aftermarket needs

Board-to-Board (12 Kits)

Board-to-Board connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards. Two mounting types, through hole and surface mount technology.

The broadest selections of high density FFC/FPC robust connectors for flat panel display and other high pin count applications.

I/O (5 Kits)

Offers a perfect solution to any handheld device application or high bandwidth audio and video. Bandwidths up to 5.0Gbps and beyond.

High pin-count signal applications, low insertion force and speed compatibility for applications ranging from 1.5Gbps up through 10Gbps

Industrial (10 Kits)

Industrial wire-to-wire kits include industry standard M8 and M12, USB and RJ45 splash proof connectors.

Molex® BNC connectors are small, lightweight, weatherproof miniature connectors for RF applications used in data networking as well as video, audio and test equipment.

Standard and special splices, quick disconnects, rings and spades, all-weather heat sealable and snap plugs and receptacles for nearly every type of wiring need.

If its power you are looking for, our selection of terminal blocks includes Beau™ barrier terminal strips, ESE and Beau Eurostyle™ terminal blocks and two screw Eurostyle™ terminal co...

These industry standard cable ties, heat shrink tubing, closed end wire nut and tap splice connectors are offered in a variety of colors and styles.

Wire-to-Board (122 Kits)

Wire-to-board connectors are used to interconnect printed circuit boards and wires. You will find your solution in our wide variety of wire-to-board kits.

Designed for rugged, environmentally sealed low-level signal applications as well as power applications, from on-engine automotive applications to off-road construction equipment.

Wire-to-Wire (70 Kits)

Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire terminated connectors. From industry standard to application specific connectors, your connector solution is here.

Molex® has popular, user-friendly I/O connectors for the PC industry and ease of use audio-video connectors for consumers.