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Category: Wire-to-Board
Solution: Off the Board
Molex Connector Family: KK®-100, Milli-Grid™, Mini-Latch™, Mini-SPOX™
Off Board Through Hole Solution Kit
Number of Pieces: 556 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$83.75 USD

Product Highlights
Mini-Latch™ connectors provide a reliable interface for industry-standard 2.50mm (.098" ) wire-to-board applications. The system includes a box-style contact design and housing-side terminal latch to provide protection to the contact area during and after assembly. The durable housing also includes guide rails and molded tabs to facilitate mating and unmating. The KK® system of "building block" connectors can be used to create thousands of different configurations, allowing each user to build a system that is precisely suited to their application. KK® has become known as a versatile interconnecting system developed to meet the challenge of modularization. The name SPOX™ comes from the shape of the terminal, which is like a "spring box". This design style provides multiple points of contact, protects the mating interface area, and prevents fish-hooking from wires during handling. Molex's Milli-Grid™ family of high density connectors is based on a 2.00 by 2.00mm (.079 by .079") grid pattern. Compared to traditional 2.54mm (.100") pitch connectors, Milli-Grid™ connectors offer up to 40% savings in PCB real estate.

Features and Benefits
• Box-style contact protects contact area
• Cantilever design provides high contact pressure
• Very low profile
• Locking ramps for improved retention
• Polarizing features ensures proper mating
• Fully shrouded to protect pins during mating/unmating
• Guide rails and molded ledges facilitates mating and unmating
• Anti-fishhooking design
• Early entry terminal design for superior contact

• Vending and Gaming Machines
• Production Equipment
• Industrial Instruments
• Energy and Power
• Computer / Peripherals: Disk Drives, Storage, Servers, Notebook PC, Modems, Motherboards, Monitors
• Automotive
• Data communication equipment
• Office Automation: Printers, Fax machines, Scanners, Copiers
• Brown Goods
• Telecom: Servers, Hubs, Switches, Routers
• Entertainment: Set-top boxes, Car stereos, Video / DVD products
• Measuring / Analyzing Equipment, Security systems / alarms, Medical monitoring, Lab equipment
• Fitness equipment