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Category: Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire
Solution: Power
Molex Connector Family: Mini-Fit Sr.™

Gold Right Angle Header, Plug and Receptacle

Number of Pieces: 60 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$48.25 USD

Product Highlights
Need for power connectors above 20 Amps. Lower mating forces with increased reliability. More current packed into fewer lines. The system is UL, CSA and TUV approved. -40 Degrees C to +105 Degrees C. These Gold Plated parts do not need Nyogel coating, as with tin plated parts, to help resist fretting corrosion in applications where vibration is present.

Features and Benefits
• High current
• Fully polarized, Prevents Mis-Mating
• Positive Locks, Secure Mating, guards against accidental disengagement of housings
• Low engagement force for greater ease in mating
• Includes mandatory Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) clip
• Fully-Isolated Contacts, Withstand Reflow Process
• Four points of electrical contact provide high reliability
• Design Flexibility
• Metal board retention clip

• High-end Computers
• Power Supplies, Generators, Battery Chargers
• Factory Automation Machines
• Cellular Base Station
• Air Conditioners
• Telecom Backplane
• Stadium Lighting and Scoreboards
• Medical Equipment
• Power Station
• Deep Well Pumps
• Welders
• Construction Signs
• Other High Amperage Devices