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Category: Board-to-Board
Solution: Board-to-Board
Molex Connector Family: EBBI™ 50D, KK®-100, Plateau HS Mezz™, SEARAY*, SlimStack™, Multiple Families

Deluxe Board Stacking Solution Kit

Number of Pieces: 55 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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Datasheet: 76650-0192
Recommended Molex Tool: None
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$155.50 USD

Product Highlights
The SEARAY* board-to-board connector is designed for computer, networking, telecom, storage and general market applications with high pin-count devices or memory modules that are mounted on mezzanine or module PC Boards (PCBs). The design of our SEARAY* has superior electrical and mechanical features that are cost competitive. The unique, Molex-patented, solder charge technology results in better process yields and a lower applied cost versus equivalent BGA connector products. Circuit sizes range from 160 through 500 positions, and mated stack heights cover 7mm (.276") to 13mm (.512").

Molex®’s SlimStack™ connectors are tested to accommodate frequency rates up to 3 GHz for various high-speed applications. With a broad range of circuit sizes and stack heights, SlimStack™ offers an economical way to achieve high-speed performance in both 50 and 100 Ohm systems. Utilizes proprietary Plateau Technology™ (plated gold housing) to provide a high-speed high-density mezzanine connector system for differential and single-ended signal applications. The gold-plated plastic shields each differential pair from neighboring pairs, lowering crosstalk and improving signal clarity. Different stack heights and circuit sizes provide flexibility in design and grounding the conductive housing eliminates the need for individual ground pin designations within the connector.

The High Density Metric (HDM) connector system is designed for applications that require high interconnect density and high-speed signal integrity. Signal modules of 72 and 144 contacts are available. Daughtercard modules are combined on a metal stiffener so that they are handled as one connector. Special modules are available for power, guidance, mounting and coding functions. These building blocks can be combined to create very large connectors. Connectors of above 1000 circuits are not unusual. The power contacts can handle 15A of current per power blade, efficiently delivering hundreds of watts in multiple voltage levels, even in hot plug applications.

The IEEE 1386 standard contains the details for adding standardized PCI mezzanine cards (PMC) to VMEbus and Multibus host boards. There are also many LAN, WAN, telecommunications, PC and workstation users who want a standardized mezzanine scheme and see the IEEE 1386 as the best approach. The fully shrouded leaf-style design minimizes the chance of damaging plug contacts. Our receptacle contacts feature a low mating force that reduces PCB stress. Gold over Nickel contact plating enhances long-term reliability, while the UL94V-0 LCP housings withstand SMT reflow processes. Excellent tolerance absorption allows the connector to be used in combinations of one to four mated pairs for up to 256 circuits. The connector design is hard-metric, easy-mating, robust, surface-mounted and features high circuit density, with excellent electrical performance. Along with that, it comes in a range of stacking heights from 8.00 through 15.00mm (.315 through .591") for optimizing system function.

The proven KK® system of "building block" connectors can be used to create thousands of different configurations. The Molex® KK® interconnection system can provide all the options necessary to complement PC board interconnection design requirements. For this reason, KK® has become known as a versatile interconnecting system developed to meet the challenge of modularization.

The Molex® EBBI™ 50D series meets the market demand for low-cost, unshielded, high density, leaf-style connectors. Several configurations are available including vertical, right angle and blind-mating to provide valuable design flexibility and expandability. Leaf-style terminals are arranged in two rows on .050" spacing within a polarized "D"- shaped housing for rugged mechanical protection. Housings are made of high temperature, UL 94V-0 thermoplastic. Terminals are plated with 30 micro-inches min. gold in the mating area for long term reliability and durability.

Features and Benefits
• Unique patented solder attach is more cost effective and reliable than BGA
• SEARAY* footprint is compatible with other 1.27mm(.050") by 1.27mm(.050") products
• Robust guidance and polarization aligns connectors to mate in correct position
• 3 GHz performance
• Cross Talk less than 7%
• 6.00mm to 16.00mm (0.236 to 0.629") stack heights
• Economical design
• For 50 and 100 Ohm applications
• Anti-flux design
• Metal solder tabs provide PCB hold down and strain relief for SMT tails
• Polarizing pegs assist placement
• Housing lock on 20 to 60 circuits
• Superior terminal design/wipe length
• Easy board processing
• Advanced gold-plated housings with integrated shielding system
• Two points of contact on each signal
• Multiple stack heights from 10 to 25mm (.394 to .984")
• Available in 6, 12, 24, and 36 differential pair sizes (12, 24, 48 and 72 contacts)
• Up to 32mm (1.25") board-to-board stack heights
• For parallel board packaging
• Available in press-fit or solder tail
• For Mezzanine cards, parallel backplanes and bridge board applications
• End walls facilitate blind mating
• Surface Mount Compatible
• High-density 2.00mm (0.078") metric connector in the same form factor as Future bus
• 6-row 2mm connector provides 30 contacts per linear centimeter (less than 75/inch)
• Designed for high-density, high-speed applications
• Modular components for design flexibility; 72 position (6 row by 12) and 144 position (6 row by 24) modules
• Tail lengths available in 0.5mm (0.019") increments to optimize PCB thickness
• Leaf-style design protects pins
• Low insertion force
• For use in combinations of 1 to 4 mated pairs
• High-temperature LCP housing for use with lead-free processing temps
• Multiple stack heights 8.00-15.00mm (.315-.591"), offers design flexibility
• Low mating forces, less stress on PCB and solder joints
• Select 30u" Gold plating on contact, high reliability with 100-cycle durability rating
• Anti-flux intrusion feature, compatible with no-wash soldering processes
• End-to-end stackable
• Strain relieving board hooks
• Also available without board hooks
• Various pin lengths available
• Voided circuits available (contact Molex®)
• Versions to accept mating pins vertically, horizontally or through the PCB
• Polarized D-shape leaf contact for parallel board packaging
• Leaf-style interface provides high-durability
• Available in 50, 68, and 80 circuits
• Blind-mate version
• SMT versions available
• Receptacle mates to standard 1.57mm (.062") pc card edge
• Polarized guide posts allow extra lead-in on blind-mate versions
• Polarized guide features provide generous 2.0mm radial lead-in for blind mating
• Press-fit retention pegs for mechanical hold down before and after processing
• Low profile—12.50mm (.492") stack height for parallel board stacking
• Surface Mount Compatible

• High and Mid-Range Computers and Servers
• Medical Scanning Equipment
• Military
• Network Routers and Switches
• Mobile Base Stations
• Mobile Phone
• Digital Video Camera
• Digital Still Camera
• Digital Video Player
• Digital Audio Player
• Voice Recorder
• Notebook PC
• Any Compact Applications
• Switches and Hubs
• Routers
• Servers and Blade Servers
• Workstations
• Storage Devices
• High-End Computer
• Storage
• Telecom (General)
• Broadcast Equipment
• Telecom Infrastructure
• Networking
• Telecom (Home/Office)
• Network Interface Cards for NIC-HBA
• SCSI Host Bus and Adapter Cards for NIC-HBA
• Board-to-Board Mezzanine Connectors for Switch-Router
• Mezzanine Card Connectors for Server
• Mezzanine Card Connectors for Disk Array
• Vending and Gaming Machines
• Production Equipment
• Industrial Instruments
• Energy and Power
• Comfort and Infotainment
• Brown Goods
• Security and Alarms
• Business Machines
• Computer Peripherals
• Consumer (General)
• Vending and Gaming
• Business Machines
• High-End Computer
• Production Equipment

* SEARAY is a trademark of Samtrec, Inc.

** HDM® is a registered trademark of Amphenol Corporation

^ Current rating is dependent upon PCB traces, Copper weight, solder, etc. (contact Molex for more information)