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Category: I/O, I/O Wire-to-Board
Solution: I/O
Molex Connector Family: TDP® Triad®

SMT Right Angle Plug and Receptacle and Backshell Assemblies

Number of Pieces: 10 Pieces
Lead-Free: No
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Datasheet: 76650-0191
Recommended Molex Tool: N/A
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$55.00 USD

Product Highlights
The innovative TDP® (Triad Differential Pair) family uses a "triad" design of differential signal and ground lines to achieve bandwidths up to 5.0Gbps and beyond. The shielded, dual row, cable-to-board interface offers high speed and controlled impedance. It is comprised of a fully shielded receptacle and plug to provide maximum EMI/RFI protection. The inline SMT receptacle optimizes PCB routing and the low 7.67mm (.301") profile makes TDP an excellent choice where height considerations are a factor. TDP® utilizes a high-cycle-life (5000 cycles min.) Low Force Helix™ (LFH) contact design, providing long term performance and reliability. The recessed contacts protect signal lines from ESD, support mating alignment and provide added contact protection during operator handling. The TDP® family is available in 18, 28 and 48 circuits. TDP® cable plugs feature jackscrews for mating retention.

Features and Benefits
• The shieded, dual row interface offers highspeed and 100-ohm controlled impedance with data rates up to 5 Gbs
• Inline SMT leads on 0.64mm (.025") pitch provide direct PCB routing
• High cycle LFH™ shrouded contact system provides 2 points of contact for optimal signal integrity
• Jackposts with 4-40 threads for use with jackscrews for positive mating retention
• First-mate/last-break pins 9 and 10 prevent damage when “hot plug” mating
• LFH™ contact design provides shallow mating angle, reducing insertion forces
• Terminates to (24-32)AWG wire through soldering or resistance welding
• Contains 2-piece diecast shell and two jackscrews for TDP Cable Plug Connector
• Lead-free process compatible, meets future manufacturing requirements
• 5,000 mating cycles with 15μ" Gold (Au), high reliability
• 1.5A continuous current per pin, allows for higher power throughput

• High Resolution Cameras
• Audio, Video Editing and Storage
• Printers
• Medical Devices
• LVDS Servers
• Routers
• Switches
• Storage Devices
• Multiple High-Speed, Differential-Pair Signal Applications
• Military Data Communications and Video Equipment (cots)