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Category: Board-to-Board, Wire-to-Board
Solution: Power
Molex Connector Family: EXTreme ZPower™

Mezzanine PCB Connectors

Number of Pieces: 34 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$15.75 USD

Product Highlights
The EXTreme ZPower™ connectors are power mezzanine connectors with 50 Amp (10 Tail) and 30 Amp (6 Tail) versions. These connectors are single-piece devices which connect two printed circuit boards. The connectors are press-fit to a lower board and subsequently bolted to a second, upper board.

Features and Benefits
• Patented internal terminal design allows a rigid, secure interface while helping to isolate pressfit pins from the load of shock and vibration
• Captured internal nut for ease of assembly
• High-normal force, high-reliability interface
• One piece ridged Board-To-Board high current interconnect
• Hertzian contact areas create a reliable (gas-tight) mating surface
• Screw contact interface can accept standard wire-crimp, ring-lug terminals for wire-to-board applications

• Industrial Applications
• 30 Amp Applications
• 50 Amp Applications