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Category: Wire-to-Board
Solution: Signal
Molex Connector Family: SL™

High Vibration Signal Vertical and Right Angle Header and Receptacle. Includes Insertion Tool

Number of Pieces: 250 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$43.25 USD

Product Highlights
SL™ (Stackable Linear) is a modular, single row, wire-to-board system, designed for high density signal applications. These are suitable for low power signal applications such as computers, medical instruments, and automotive controls.

Features and Benefits
• PCB locks hold header in place until permanently soldered
• Locking crown secures positive latch to header
• Polarization slots guide front ribs of mating connector to prevent pin damage
• Standoffs minimize flux retention
• Anti-entanglement/overstress ribs prevent discrete wires from catching under latch during harness manufacturing and storage
• Front ribs prevent contact damage; the housing cannot be twisted off pins
• Dual beam, fully-enclosed box contact
• Dual tab strain relief
• Locking tang secures terminal in housing

• Automotive: Air bag sensors, Interior lighting, Steering controls, Cigarette lighter, Sound systems
• Telecom: Pay phones, LANs, Network equipment, Hubs and switches
• Business Machines: Copiers, Printers, Fax machines
• Measuring Analyzing Equipment
• HVAC Equipment
• Large Industrial Equipment
• Medical Instrumentation: Surgical, Dental
• Computers: Mainframes, Laptops, CD ROMs, Servers, Desktop PCs, Peripherals, Modems, Disk drives