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Category: Wire-to-Board
Solution: Off the Board
Molex Connector Family: PanelMate™

Ultra Low Profile SMT Right Angle Header and Receptacle

Number of Pieces: 110 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$61.50 USD

Product Highlights
Molex's 1.25mm (.049") pitch PanelMate™ series is an ultra low-profile connector system designed for tight packaging applications, requiring profile heights below 2.0mm (.079"). The PanelMate™ name derives from the original flat-panel LCD display applications for which it was designed.

Features and Benefits
• Very thin Receptacle design (1.80mm)
• Housing lance, extra terminal retention
• Friction lock provides secure mating
• Polarized design
• Ultra low mating profile of 1.90mm (.075")
• Durable blade-type pins, protection
• Metal solder tabs provide PCB retention and strain relief for SMT tails
• Solder-conducing fillet SMT tail design helps ensure stable solder joints
• Fully-shrouded anti-flux wicking design protects contacts during soldering
• Box-style contact design protection
• Locking tang latches into housing window

• Mini PCI Module*
• Mobile Phones
• Camcorder
• Digital Camera
• Handy Terminal
• Medical Equipment
• Base Stations
• Notebook PC/PDA
• Any low-profile application