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Category: Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire
Solution: Blind-Mate
Molex Connector Family: SPOX BMI™

BMI Dual Row Panel Mount Vertical Header, Plug and Receptacle

Number of Pieces: 170 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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$22.00 USD

Product Highlights
SPOX BMI™ connectors offer self-aligning features in one of the smallest blind-mate packages available. The unique low-profile design of the SPOX™ Blind-Mate Interface (BMI) allows for a mated stack distance of only 11.00mm (0.430"). Utilizing proven SPOX™ style contacts for high reliability, the products are suitable for situations requiring highly reliable tin interfaces.

Features and Benefits
• Panel mounting feature permits up to 3.00mm (.120") misalignment, permitting blind-mating of products
• First-mate/last-break circuits provide sequential engagement of contacts
• Robust alignment features virtually eliminate contact damage
• Headers are molded in LCP high-temperature plastic, which meets lead-free processing requirements
• Post plated to eliminate bare edges
• Very low profile
• Anti-fishhooking design
• Box protects pin contact area from contamination during handling

• Telecommunications
• Other Markets
-Fan-tray assemblies
-Low-current blind
-mating applications
-Lower-current power supply applications