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Category: Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire
Solution: Off the Board and Free Hanging
Molex Connector Family: CLIK-Mate™ 2.0 , MicroClasp™, PanelMate™, Pico-SPOX™, Sherlock™, Multiple Families

Micro Miniature Solution Kit

Number of Pieces: 403 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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Datasheet: 76650-0150
Recommended Molex Tool: see Datasheet
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$67.50 USD

Product Highlights
Molex's PanelMate™ series is an ultra low-profile connector system designed for tight packaging applications. - Molex's new CLIK-Mate™ connectors provide dual positive locks and a superior audible "click" to help ensure connectors are fully mated. - The Sherlock™ system utilizes Molex's proven 50212 terminal, along with a positive lock housing. - Molex's new MicroClasp™ system provides space savings and easy mating/unmating, plus, includes a unique inner positive lock that provides latch protection, secure retention and an audible mating "click". - Pico-Spox™ provides Anti-fishhooking box design protects contact area.

Features and Benefits
• Tuning fork style contact design Secure contact, and avoids terminal stubbing
• Flat area for pick-and-place Easy automatic board placement
• Audible "click", low insertion force and secure mating / Inner positive lock Latch protection, secure mating, audible "click"
• Box-style contact Protects contact area / Two-point contact design Secure electrical contact, High current capable
• Polarizing features Ensures proper mating / Reinforced metal solder tabs Secure PCB retention
• Friction lock Good mating retention

• Appliances
• White Goods
• Automotive
• Home Applications LCD/PDP TVs Consumer
• Computer Data Communication Equipment
• Vending and Gaming
• Industrial and Business Equipment
• Office machines
• Medical
• Any application requiring superior mating assurance