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Category: Solderless Terminals
Solution: Maintenance, Repair and Operation
Molex Connector Family: Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminal Kit

Number of Pieces: 491 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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Datasheet: 76650-0043
Recommended Molex Tool: CT-4071-1R (included in kit)
64001-0100 (not included in kit)
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$65.75 USD

Product Highlights
Quick disconnects allow for quickly connecting or disconnecting a terminal. The front end of the terminal has a female-type receptacle which allows the terminal to slide onto and off of a male blade. Spades have the open tongue end used for rapid insertion on the mounting screw. The spade is usually used on free standing studs. Closed-end connectors are used in a variety of situations to "pigtail" or tie together 2 or more wires. Butt Splices allow two stripped wires to be inserted into each end and "butt" in the center, with the crimp securing both wires together.

Features and Benefits

• Color-coded insulator allows easy identification of terminal size and wire gauge.
• A wire stop stamped into the crimp barrel prevents insertion of over-stripped wires.
• Terminals funnel entrance is designed for increased crimping rates by speeding wire delivery into the crimp section and eliminating wire strand fold back.
• The spades open tongue end is for rapid insertion on the mounting screw / stud
• The basic ring tongue type is the safest and most reliable because it cannot be disconnected unless the screw is completely removed.

• MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations)
• Consumer Applications
• Power Applications
• Motor Applications
• Powertrains
• Transportation
• Construction / Mining
• Energy / Power
• Production Equipment
• Instrumentation
• Environmental Equipment and Controls
• Blower Motors