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Category: Solderless Terminals
Solution: Maintenance, Repair and Operation
Molex Connector Family: Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminal Kit

Number of Pieces: 241 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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Datasheet: 76650-0036
Recommended Molex Tool: CT-4071-1R (included in kit)
64003-0100 (not included in kit)
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$23.50 USD

Product Highlights

Quick disconnects allow for quickly connecting or disconnecting a terminal. The front end of the terminal has a female-type receptacle which allows the terminal to slide onto and off of a male blade. Spades have the open tongue end used for rapid insertion on the mounting screw. The spade is usually used on free standing studs. Butt Splices allow two stripped wires to be inserted into each end and "butt" in the center, with the crimp securing both wires together.

Features and Benefits

• Terminals employ the full barrel length that eliminates costly and time consuming location when crimping

• Finest quality electrolytic copper

• One-piece design, butted seam

• The Spades open tongue end is for rapid insertion on the mounting screw / stud

• The basic Ring Tongue type is the safest and most reliable because it cannot be disconnected unless the screw is completely removed

• Block Spades are designed for use in terminal blocks

• Hook combines the security advantage of the ring with the easy-handling characteristics of the spade



• MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations

• Consumer Applications

• Power Applications

• Motor Applications

• Powertrains

• Transportation

• Construction / Mining

• Energy / Power

• Production Equipment

• Instrumentation

• Environmental Equipment and Controls

• Blower Motors