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Category: I/O, I/O Wire-to-Board
Solution: High Speed I/O
Molex Connector Family: iPass™

High Speed I/O SMT Right Angle Receptacle and Frame

Number of Pieces: 16 Pieces
Lead-Free: Yes
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Datasheet: 76650-0006
Recommended Molex Tool: None
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$82.25 USD

Product Highlights
The SMT design provides placement options on both sides of the PCB, as well as placement stability. With a pitch of 0.8mm (.031"), the design also allows for easy routing. Plus, standoffs allow for easy PCB cleaning after soldering. The iPass™ Interconnect System offers both connectors and cable assemblies that enable flexible speed compatibility for applications ranging from 1.5G up through 10G, and is an ideal interconnect solution for the growing server storage market.

Features and Benefits
• Multiple guide rail configurations provide board design flexibility
• Die cast guide rail provides robust chassis-to-chassis interface
• Guide frame gaskets provide improved EMI performance
• Screw attachment for the guide rail to PCB provides a durable I/O connection during the cable management process
• Designed for placement beneath guide frame for external applications
• High-temperature thermoplastic for lead free processing
• Alignment posts provide stability for placement on the PCB
• Standoffs allow for easy PCB cleaning after soldering
• SMT design allows for ease of routing and provides the option for placement on both sides of the PCB

• HBAs (Host Bus Adapters) Servers
• Storage Racks
• Switches and Routers
• RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
• JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)
• Industrial Computers and Work Stations
• Removable Media Drives and Memory Modules
• Graphic Subsystems
• Networking
• Base Station
• Enterprise Routers and Switches
• Inverse Mux
• Network Interface Cards

• Military